Office Project

Je Feriasthama have ben trusted by many company to represent their corporate image through design concept. Our goals in office design project is not only about creating and giving a placefor working activity but more how to create a better company with design approach. We give our full commitment by being part of the company’s team for knowing, learning and getiing clear perception in interpreting the company profile into a design.

Commercial Project

Public area project commercial and non commercial space, such as shopping center, showroom, hotel, cafe, resto, gallery, library, transportation building, etc. Je Feriasthama through public area projects try to contribute in creating a better city or area with giving more attention not only to aesthetically and commercial approach but also anvironmentally and consideration to sustainable development.

Residential Project

Our residential projects are located at lots of city in Indonesia incluedes single family housing, multiple family housing, such as town houses apartment and condominium. Our design orientation is giving a problem solve for every aspect related to functional, aesthetical with more consideration to environment approach in terms of design process for better place to live in.