Rest Area Kedung Melati is located along the Kertosono-Mojokerti toll road. It is a 45.000-square meter site that aims to become a modern and iconis rest area, white providing public facilities for drivers.

The rest area is divided into tho areas with different uses : commercial use and a mosque. It adopts a unique design that allows the building to present different style when viewed from different directions. The primary shape enhances the form of ellipse and box, and the structural design adopts a concrete portal structure.

The box shape and perforated wall design of the building helps to lower the temperature that can reach high levels in the daytime. It is also designed as a path to connect-the main entrance of the bilding with the amphitheatre plaza. The plaza can be used for events and other related activities.

The building is made from natural concrete wall and slab, as well as concrete wood. The facade makes use of vertical timber – also known as conwood – as a shading design to wrap the rear facade of the whole building. It also contrasts with the other building to make it the focal point of the complex.


Having an analogy from rice field, the Wave of Rice Fields, building facade become a unity and a contrast to its site for the same time.


A building with a massive shape acr as a Landmark for the area. Responsed to the smaller rest area located in front of that act as a Nodes.

Lift up Mass

Creating a circulation path for vehicle by lifting up the building mass. Also creating a outdoor green space located under the building mass (Ground level) that cas be use as activity space.

Contextual Accent

Building mass act as a contextual accent to its site.

As a Space for Advertisment

Building facade can act as a saleable area. Use as a place for tenant brand or product commercial information.

As a Sun Shading

Building facade act as a Sun Shading for the space inside, with this design approach, rest area building can be maximised to use of natural and air.

Chimney Effect

Facade as a skin creating chimney effect on the building, affect on the building temperature