• Telkom University Convention Hall
  • Buat Batu – Bandung
  • 12.000
  • Design Project

Building convention hall in Telkom campus area, Buah Batu Bandung is designed to be an iconic building in the area. In line with these conditions, the building is also expected to represent the traditional elements of western Java. With a conceptual approach that adopts the TOTOPONG (a traditional headgear of West Java) the building is planned to have a ‘skin’ that adopts batik patterns. The building is expected to accommodate at least 8000 people and in its implementation will be done gradually.

Totopong is the head of iconic of West Java Community. Totopong is implemented as a symbolic from the building with segment – horizontal segments. Read the bonding in Totopong. Motif batik used to provide aesthetic on building views.